Suggestions for a Covid-19 post-pandemic research agenda in environmental economics

Elliott, R., Schumacher, I. and Withagen, C. “Suggestions for a Covid-19 post-pandemic research agenda in environmental economics“, forthcoming in Covid-19 Special Issue of Environmental & Resource Economics

In this article we draw upon early lessons from the 2020 Covid-19 crisis and discuss how these may relate to a future research agenda in environmental economics. In particular, we describe how the events surrounding the Covid-19 crisis may inform environmental research related to globalization and cooperation, the green transition, pricing carbon externalities, as well as the role of uncertainty and timing of policy inventions. We also discuss the implications for future empirical research in this area.

In this article you will find a wealth of information about potential research questions, open issues, and new paths that we highlight based on lessons from the Covid-19 crisis. We hope that this article is useful for PhD students but also for established researchers alike, as we combine theoretical and empirical literature and point at gaps in our existing knowledge. Clearly, the topics presented here provide a selection, albeit a large one, of the authors, and there is certainly much more to be done in adjacent research topics.

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