Exploring Energy Use in Retail Stores: A Field Experiment

Loureiro, M., & Labandeira, X. (2019). Exploring Energy Use in Retail Stores: A Field Experiment. Energy Economics, 84, 104570.

The optimization of energy use is a growing concern in the commercial sector, particularly for retailers, given its relevance within total expenses and the increasing scrutiny of environmental performance indicators. In this paper, we conduct a field experiment (randomized control trial) in a major multinational company to test how information provided to store managers concerning the environmental impacts of energy use induces changes in selected temperatures within an automated technical platform. Based on the experiment conducted in 155 stores located in three countries, our results reveal that managers receiving the information treatment are more likely to change the thermostat manually to reduce the gap between indoor and outdoor temperatures; this is consistent with a more sustainable heating and cooling pattern.

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