External contributors

The objective of the SFPLab is to disseminiate research, free of charge, and start discussion in environmental issues. Thus we are happy to also take contributions from researchers who are external to the SFPLab. There are two kinds of contributions that we take:

Researchers in issues related to the environment and sustainability can send us two types of contributions. The first type of contribution is Analyses. These are a high-level, research-based discussions of a policy-relevant issue of at maximum 900 words. This will be written in a policy-relevant style for a wide audience of policy makers, business leaders, researchers, journalists or the public.

The second type of contribution is Opinions. Similar in style to Analyses, they are shorter pieces that include the opinion of the researcher, and should be viewed as guidance for policy-makers or decision-takers that want to rely on the in-depth, research-based knowledge of top-level researchers.

Please use the contact form below to get in touch with us. If deemed necessary we may ask you for some revisions on your contributions and on the non-technical summaries. The final decision to publish is based on the editors’ discretion.